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Written Communication

Dive deep into the world of written communication. Not all communication involves the spoken word. Email, text messaging, letters, reports, forms, and social media posts, play a crucial role in the communication process.
  • For: All Key Personnel
  • Duration:  3.5 hours
  • Instructors: Wayne Belanger
                          Michael Somers
  • Price: $69

What's included?

Use these strategies to meet your everyday communication challenges.
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  • Write with a Purpose

    Ask yourself "Why am I writing this?" and give yourself a purpose for writing.
  • Choose Your Communication Medium

    We share written messages with others in numerous ways. Look closely at each of these mediums to help you make the right choice for each situation.
  • Consider Your Audience

    Even if the subject is the same, you often modify what you write and how you write it, depending on your readers.
  • Use Proper Grammar

    Compose clear-cut writing that is enjoyable and easy to understand. Writing that leaves your readers with a favorable impression of both you and your work.

Wayne Belanger

With nearly 40 years as a construction industry training professional, Wayne was instrumental in developing the ABC of Wisconsin apprenticeship programs, which is the largest of its kind in the country with more than 2,000 active apprentices.

Wayne was also the driving force behind ABC of Wisconsin's celebrated Construction U programs, which standardized communication, foreman, supervisory, and leadership training for the construction industry. Wayne was also an editor/writer for the Construction Communication book published by Prentice Hall Publishing. He also wrote and edited the award-winning ABC of Wisconsin Safety Workbook, which is updated annually, for more than two decades. 

Michael Somers

Mike has more than 40 years construction experience as owner and manager of construction businesses in Wisconsin. Mike has served on the ABC Wisconsin Board of Directors and was the driving force behind the creation of the ABC Heavy Equipment Operator Apprenticeship program, having taught the program for several years.

 Currently, Mike teaches several construction leadership and management courses. In addition, he continues to travel throughout the United States and Canada teaching construction professionals and sharing a lifetime of “real experiences” in and personal enthusiasm for construction.
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